yamaha atv sputters and backfires 2001 Yamaha Breeze POS 2001 Suzuki LT80 that eats CDIs. Kids ATV Cheap Off Road Go Karts Sale Pit Bikes Rhino Clone UTVs 50cc Gas Scooter Mopeds 110cc 4 wheelers Kids Quad SSR Dirt Bike BMS 150cc Dune nbsp When a car backfires it 39 s a loud unsettling affair. Don 39 t know if that 39 s because I 39 ve disrupted the vacuum trying to check if I have good flow. Apr 14 2014 g16 sputtering and backfiring Gas Yamaha. But when I accelerate it loses power and sputters under acceleration. It sputters and backfires just before half throttle. It is hard to start when it finally starts it spits sputters backfires and gets hot quickly. My dad 39 s Rhino would backfire when you let off the gas. Answer was a new see thru airbox airfilter which is clean new fuel filter a new dual port fuel pump and new clear fuel lines. Just took me an hour to get home due to this problem. Which cant be good for it. When it would slow down if I got back on it it would cough bog pop really loud a few times then take off. Spark Plug and Ignition A spark plug that is damaged worn or has an improperly set gap between its The Tri Moto was the first Yamaha ATV sold in the U. Rhino ran excellent for a while few weeks and then started to do the same things. It was the carb that is pre adjusted jetted and was supposed to come Jan 11 2017 2021 Honda Talon 1000X vs. Really amazing. Oct 11 2009 well im back with a new problem with my cat now my atv spitts and sputters and backfires when u give it gas we thought maybe water in the gas so we cleaned it all up carb and all and still does that can anyone help me please aargh Jan 16 2014 I have a 1999 Yamaha 350 big bear ATV. It starts and idles perfectly and just tooling around at cruising speeds it also runs great. Sportsman 500 sputtering and backfiring twitter. Discussion Starter 1 Aug 2 I took it riding today roughly 1300 1500ft elevation and it would sputter hard and backfire after WOT runs. It will crank up and idle just fine. If you re reading this you probably already know what backfiring is or at least what it sounds like. Jun 07 2014 Hey folks. steelerfan Registered. Also has a new spark plug in it. Replaced plug which was black and new plug is already black. Afterfire occurs after the engine has been shut off. Backfires in Exhaust. Jul 27 2019 Backfiring occurs when one or more spark plug in the ATV engine ignites the fuel when it s out of turn in the chamber and the exhaust valve on the cylinder is open. Joined spitting sputtering backfiring. When the weather is warm it starts on the first crank and runs like a champ once it 39 s cool out it can take many cranks to start. Help 90 sputters and backfires Heat issue Jump to Latest Follow 1 9 of 9 Posts. The problem list below will give you an idea of what causes could be generating this condition. Sounds like the float bowl in the carb is sticking go get a can called quot Sea Foam quot from your local parts store add about half the can to a full tank of gas take it for a good ride it will clean out any gunk and deposits in the carb and make it run good again i had the exact problem you are talking about with my wife 39 s Suzuki Eiger 400 i let it sit for 5 months and it caused the carb to get all Feb 19 2012 2003 Yamaha warrior 350 sputtering bogging problem fix Duration 1 04. This will ensure that Yamaha Motor Corporation U. backfiring and sputtering. ive been battling this problem for a while now the cart sputters and back fires and it has no power then all of a sudden it nbsp Background After driving for a few miles she sometimes not always begins to sputter and backfire as if the choke was left on. When the choke is turned off the quad will begin to sputter and backfire. If i ease on the throttle it will rev but it sputters and will backfire through the carb. Any ideas I haven t been riding in mud just riding on roads. Just spits and sputters and misses. You need to either clean the carburetor or replace it if this is the case. Hey I have 03 kfx 400 with a HMF slip on. I found a local guy with a parts RZR took all the electronic componenents and changed them and Mar 04 2008 Polaris 425 Magnum began backfiring missing out while driving it. Backfire is a condition described as a loud bang poof explosion etc. I have cleaned the carb changed the CDI unit replace the fuel added stabilizer to fuel checked for leaky intake manifold sprayed carb cleaner around carb. Note It is normal for many high performance exhaust systems to moderately backfire or pop when the throttle is closed from mid to high rpm. The quad will not start up unless the choke is on. I put a new crank in put it back togather started it up and rode about an hour or so ran great put it away and got it out the next weekend it would start and idle but that is all it will do. G9 sputters back fires Gas Yamaha. I have opened the carb numerous times and its spotless. It feels like the Friction Zone isn 39 t even there. After that and a spray down with carb cleaner and compressed air new carb kit and an inline fuel filter installed my 97 started like a champ. Jan 18 2006 I learned a fast lesson when I first ran my 39 03 RX 1. 5 hp I replaced the Apr 29 2013 It turned out to be an exhaust leak on the exhaust pipe that you fixed by welding the nut of the heat shield back on for me. P. Dual fire ignitions fire front and rear cylinder spark plugs together. Re 258 backFIRING through carb Moneypit is correct carb flooding is soon to be WAS the problem. Since then I have never had a problem. Sometimes its bad and somtimes its not so bad nbsp 2 Sep 2007 Yamaha 660 Grizzly ran great now sputters and backfires My cousin has a 04 660 grizz that is fairly modded up. G. In idle it backfires and dies eventually. Discussion 2004 225 Yamaha 4 Stroke has backfire problems on the top two cylinders. We replaced the plug bent the reed values shut checked the fly wheel to make sure the keys not nbsp 24 Feb 2015 idle to 1 4 throttle is okay it starts to sputter after that and full throttle it never gains any speed it is constantly sputter and backfiring periodically nbsp 19 Jan 2019 Diagnose engine backfires with this guide and prevent potentially serious Question I have a 2006 Yamaha 1100 that is backfiring in the carburetor. 24 Aug 2012 Rhino ran fine 4 days ago except for it sputtering and backfiring through the exhaust and loss of powr at 30mph other then that ran great. One of the two exhausts the top one is an after market unit and is smaller than the original bottom one . After sitting all night with fresh fuel in the bowl it started much better today but still proceeded to load up sputter and die. This problem has a relatively simple cure. also could be dirty carb spark plug wire shorting ignition wire shorting etc. this adjustment is only a small part of the problem usually but can take away some of the pop and sputter. Those adjustments boost output to 350 hp and 553 lb ft 700 Nm of torque. If you just rev it up it is fine until you reach about half throttle then it is like you are hitting the rev limiter it sounds exactly like that. Polaris Mini Quads UTVs. In most cases these issues can be fixed by making a few adjustments or performing routine trying to see if anyone has an idea im new to quads. Yamaha Warrior Sputters At Full Throttle Nov 13 2011 I made one and used a filter i had laying around from the 3 cyl diesel tractor we have so i know the filter isn 39 t restrictive for the single cylinder yamaha. Unburned air and fuel pumped into the exhaust will often be ignited by the other cylinders still burning exhaust gases. This is for a 1998 Yamaha Wolverine 350 ATV Four Wheeler. It turned out to be a plugged fuel filter. After riding for a couple hours it will suddenly loose power and backfires and then slowly stall out sometimes I can keep it running by pumping the throttle but most of the time it just dies. Starts right up and idles great. The quad starts ok but wont even idle sometimes and sometimes to seems to idle ok but when i try and drive off it gets about 20 metres then shudders and cuts out and sometimes it backfires. This is totally different. I have cleaned the carb and put in a new spark plug. When it does it shoots fire back through the carb First let s look at what backfiring actually is. Hello Select your address. He has had a pipe on for a nbsp 25 May 2017 Backfiring and popping and dying and it would only start and run with the choke halfway on. Don t know what s causing the problem. Sometimes a flame can be seen when a car backfires but mostly you will only hear a loud popping noise followed by loss of power and forward motion. Aug 08 2019 I just picked up a Yamaha G1 golf cart that has been sitting for a few years. This in turn results in backfiring through the open intake valve into the intake system. So i replaced the spark plug COMPLETELY took the carb apart and cleaned the sh t out of it. Jun 04 2019 82 g1 gas sputters amp backfires wont turn over I have fire to the plug gas pulses from pump although sometimes it doesn 39 t seem to pulsate that strong. s. Page 2 1984 XV1000 backfires and sputters. I have lost a substantial amount of torque. In fact one should expect a well tuned high performance engine to quot pop quot and quot crackle quot when the throttle is closed at high rpm Apr 15 2016 Hi everyone. S. I did notice the spark was I had some issues with loss of power sputtering then stalling a few months ago. And It occurs at certain RPM 39 s and not throttle position. Quad sounds way better as far as how quiet the valves are however now the bike sputters and backfires very bad. With the earlier versions as well as the later versions 1997 and above there are a handful of problems that riders can and may experience. It featured a 123cc two stroke engine Autolube oil injection system CDI ignition a snorkel air intake and a five speed transmission . Does anyone know what the cause and possible cure is for this problem. If I give Your cart could also be sputtering and dying because your carburetor is filthy. I tried unplugging the TPS and it would just sputter a little higher in the rpm 39 s not much higher though. Yamaha 350 Warrior backfire Duration 1 38. I just got a 1996 Yamaha Kodiak that I traded a couple of guns for. It is backfiring too. Re sputter at full throttle thanks charlie fuel pump and carbs rebuilt 2 weeks ago float set and it does it no matter which tank i use tanks were new as of 2 years ago bulb stays firm i can nail the throttle from a stand still and all is good until it gets up to about 5400 rpm at steady speed . My JD 425 with 1900 hours started acting up this summer. Yamaha 39 02 660 now backfires. See title runs fine for about 10 minutes then starts cutting out backfires and dies. driving it as soon as you jump on the throttle it will backfire and sputter right away. Golf Cart Sputters when Accelerating. I have noticed however that after riding the bike around for 10 minutes this is what I noticed on my commute when I am at a low throttle level in first gear that the bike stutters and jumps forward a little bit. If your outboard engine is sputtering at any speed idle or full throttle it could be the result of several common malfunctions. It was pretty dirty so I left the cover off. gimme7x Registered. Jul 29 2012 This progressed to a sputter then backfiring then to a full stop. description Sportsman 500 sputtering and backfiring Sportsman 500 sputtering and backfiring Sep 16 2016 2007 victory hammer backfiring and surging diagnose victory cross country missing motorcycle sputtering and surging when riding sputtering and backfiring on a2004 arlen ness victory vegas motorcycle victory hammer will not go above 4200 rpm and missing victory jackpot sputter and stalls when starting victory octane sputtering Atv backfiring Atv backfiring Since I put the stock pipes back on my bike she started sputtering. New to the forum and hondas. I have removed and cleaned all jets in the carb put in a new piston and honed the bore it has good compression new correct specification spark plug. However as soon as I installed the airbox the quad would start idol and even accelerate fast until it hits about 3 4 throttle. 025 over. If I give it full throttle nbsp 19 Feb 2012 1987 2004 yamaha warrior 350. if you catch it in time you can grab the clutch and feather the throttle and it will clear back up but if you ever let it cut off it takes a little bit to get it started back up. May 27 2008 Hi all I just bought my bike about 2 weeks ago and for the most part it runs well. I pulled the nbsp After battling the sputtering and backfires on my 2006 660 I gave up on repairing the oem carb and installed an aftermarket this morning. I have also changed the spark plug Apr 25 2006 Other Polaris ATVs. A forum community dedicated to Yamaha Raptor ATV owners and enthusiasts. Note Backfire and afterfire through the carburetor will not harm the engine at all Find out the most common causes and possible fixes for engine backfire and afterfire. Even with no load it will wind up to about 4000rpm then start to sputter and backfire through the exhaust. When this happens I pull the choke which temporarily helps but then again dies. 3 Jan 2011 it started doing it about 3 months ago. It starts to rev hits a certain RPM and stops. Ok so I 39 ve had this taotao for 6 months or longer now all I 39 ve done is install a new carb with larger jet 95 from scrappy dog. Jump to Latest Follow 1 4 of 4 Posts. backfiring Posted by rocketman1 on Friday February 13 2009 8 52 AM I have a 2001 xpxc 500 sled I recently changed the plugs and I am having problems with backfiring when slowing down off the throttle. S. By the way these things will run backwards. Your 1986 Yamaha ATV 39 s carburetor is responsible for keeping the mixture of fuel and air in your engine at the proper level. I drained the gas cleaned the carb put it back together nothing still runs the same. After that was done it would sput Jun 21 2016 Yamaha stalls sputters and backfires I took it back and they said it was a clogged fuel filter. The quad 39 s electric state doesn 39 t work believe it to involve the starter clutch but the pull start works fine. I have a 2006 Ranger XP. I 39 ve had a tune up done I 39 ve had the carbs cleaned by the local Yamaha dealer. 15 Apr 2016 When I give it too much throttle both in neutral and when actually riding it starts spitting and sputtering. 5 pilot jet. trying to give it gas bogs out and sputters backfires and does ok if i let it idle anything nbsp 27 Jul 2019 Check out the following pointers What is a Backfire in ATVs Backfiring occurs when one or more spark plug in the ATV engine ignites the fuel nbsp 28 Jun 2008 With choke off it would backfire spit sputter and didn 39 t want to rev without dying. I have a 1988 350 moto 4 that starts and idles great. My issue is if i bring the throttle off idle and to about 1 4 throttle it sputters and coughs and i can see blue ish smoke from the exhaust. The problem of having an engine sputter is typically caused by a fuel system issue. Overall it runs OK but at lower throttle settings 1 4 throttle or less the engine loses power and sputters and backfires. Loss of power sputter now backfire and stall out. I was having problems finding the friction zone. 6 liter engine coughs and sputters and backfires under nbsp 19 Aug 2011 87 Yamaha Big Bear 350 issue evening when the weather is cooler it 39 s hard to start and if you try to accelerate it it just sputters and backfires. Last year when I bought my bike she started to do this. I put a NGK DPR6EA 9 in there. It ran fine and there was no issues. This video is unavailable. Joined Aug 2 2011 3 Posts . 18 Oct 2010 When I went to start it up and go for a ride the ATV started up and idles fine but when I give it any throttle it bogs down sputters and backfires. My 98 ford f150 4. i did a shut down and plugs are normal so i dont think fuel is a problem . That 39 s normal Overcharging the battery. It Dec 02 2010 one thing is the air fuel mix screw on the side of the carb easily adjusted may help a little. With choke on I coaxed it to the road and ran it up to 55 60 mph. A Big Bear 350 is an all terrain vehicle first introduced in 1987 by Yamaha. Jan 27 2017 A repetitive backfires are generated when the engine is simply running at idle or at cruising speed and can be inline with the engine RPM. Still backfires and sputters and runs at very low idle 500rpm and shakes. I used my ranger on Aug long weekend. Time to ride. it will start up just fine and if you give it more than half throttle it will spit and sputter and backfire then just die. Changed the filter and it never did it again. With the ignition key in the OFF position and the seat completely removed press the accelerator pedal down. Yamaha warrior sputters at full throttle The club car will run for a short stint then stall and sputter. Just picked up a 2004 foreman 450s with only 600 miles on it. My Yamaha F225 outboard backfires sputters and wont go more than 3000 3400 rpm 39 s. When I first got mine it backfired too . I had bad fuel in it that separated I have emptied the fuel tank tried new fuel same results tried a portable 5 gl fuel tank changed fuel water separater and engine fuel filter element. Took it out and ran it without it for a sec and it only does 40 mph and then starts sputtering and then backfires and dies. The problem is when you really get on it and start going through the gears it 39 ll sputter and backfire at high rpms. It was designed to be a durable workhorse as well as the ultimate recreational vehicle. Recently my grizz has been popping backfiring back through the carb at low rpms. Cleaned the carb and new air filter and airbox retainers and all. Come join the discussion about troubleshooting classifieds performance modifications maintenance and more Share more about your favorite model including the Yamaha Raptor 700 Raptor 660 Raptor 350 Raptor 250 as well as the smaller Raptor 50 80 and 90. No problem. Montana Ware 6 879 views. I suspect that the problem may have to do with the fact that the boat has been out of commission for a few weeks and wasn 39 t used due to a broken steering cable. This is power loss with sputtering and backfire symptoms. Aug 25 2015 I have a 2014 570 Ranger Midsize with 5000kms on it. 1982 xj1100 sputtering backfire idle Discussion in 39 XJ Technical Chat 39 started by Justin Hardy May 31 2017. Sometimes locating the source won 39 t take you much time other times it can prove difficult. I 39 m new to motorcycling and new to this list. Its a little bit hotter of a plug but it hasnt fouled out yet. Questions 229 Each Yamaha ATV dealer is held responsible for his setup service and war ranty repair work. Page 144 Yamaha Extended Service Y. At the end of the weekend i filled it up and parked it outside. One of the sparks starts combustion while the other is wasted in other cylinder which is not on its firing stroke. Engine Buzz 38 781 views. has an up to date registration record in accordance with federal law. e. A. Jan 19 2019 Engine backfires can be produced by a vacuum leak bad timing problems in the ignition system a faulty sensor an exhaust leak or some other system fault. It 39 s a 400cc 4x4. 28 Mar 2010 You can start to rev it up and o ce it hits a certain RPM it hangs there and backfires sputters pops bangs throws fire out the pipe. It doesn 39 t do after I am going faster only about 10 mph and under. I need some help. That 39 s another story . FREE Shipping on orders of 149 or more. Cleaned the carb again and set the air fuel screw to two and a half turns out and nothing changed. It has a 165 main jet 60 idle and 22. i took my pcv off cdi off and exhaust off and it still does it. If I let it sit for 10 15minutes it will start I have an 39 06 trx 450 ER. It is studdering backfiring and staling in all gears except neutral. Nov 20 2014 Outdoor Gasoline and Electric Powered Equipment and Small Engines Generator won 39 t start just sputters and backfires Hello I have a Generac 3500 4375 max with a GN 190 6. Oct 10 2011 However if I park it in the shade or try to start it in the morning or evening when the weather is cooler it 39 s hard to start and if you try to accelerate it it just sputters and backfires. We shut the engine off but left the key on so the fan would run. Joined Jan 18 2004 3 Posts . Tried cleaning carb amp air filter drained bowl amp Yamaha 2004 Big Bear 400 4x4 question I have a 1997 Yamaha Timberwolf that is having an idling issue. As soon as the fan cut off I restarted and it did fine for about 1 mile then went thru the same progressive sputter backfire and then down to a sputtering idle then fan cooling and go again. Timing light shows it 39 s fine while idling but when depressing thumb throttle at a certain point it will start missing cutting out backfiring. Most new ATVs would have a full charge and it would be displayed on the battery gauge. That wasn 39 t it because it does the same thing when it is cold or when I have been coasting or stopped for a second. Jul 08 2015 An engine running rich will sputter on acceleration. Let sit a few minutes it will run again for a short stint. I can put it 1 4 throttle 1 2 throttle full throttle and it does the dame thing. I manage to get it home and after sitting for a few hours is Ok again for another short time. Jump to Latest Follow 1 5 of 5 Posts. Your golf cart could be sputtering when you accelerate because of your carburetor. This would cause it to backfire through the carb. It started My Yamaha Outboard 175 hp motor recently started to sputter and then die when I am in idle. 4 Backfires in Exhaust Note It is normal for many high performance exhaust systems to moderately backfire or pop when the throttle is closed from mid to high rpm. When pressing hard it revvs up fine. You may need to make a few timing adjustments or replace a spark plug or you may need serious mechanical inquiry. In other words ATV backfiring occurs due to a short sudden instance when the engine is too lean or too rich. ATV does have the ability to charge itself but slowly. May 25 2017 2021 Honda Talon 1000X vs. Use the trouble shooting link below may be of some help. The quad was running great and then I had the quad in the shop to work on the suspension and do an oil change. Bike runs great for a while then loses power and kind of plugs along sputtering and backfiring till it dies. So I cleaned out gas tank and put in new fuel. Yamaha YXZ1000R By the Numbers 2021 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 Trail Edition and Special Edition Unveiled 2021 Can Am Maverick X3 X rs Turbo RR Why Does Your ATV Backfire Backfiring in an ATV engine or any small engine is usually the result of either one or multiple spark plugs igniting the fuel in the chamber when it is out of turn specifically during the combustion cycle when the exhaust valve is open on that cylinder. Mar 29 2020 Backfiring that results from damaged wiring disrupts the ignition s timing which causes a build up of air and fuel in the engine. Jun 24 2017 XJBikes Yamaha XJ Motorcycle Forum. I am having trouble making this thing run. A rhythmic popping sound which is not as prominent as lean under power backfires. Hey so I read about another Grizzly sputtering at 1 4 throttle and it sounds similar to mine but Id like specific advice to my problem. An engine running lean will backfire on deceleration. 06 14 yamaha raptor 700 yfm700 speed sensor sender hall effect US 23. Yamaha YXZ1000R By the Numbers 2021 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 Trail Edition and Special Edition Unveiled 2021 Can Am Maverick X3 X rs Turbo RR i got a 05 raptor 350. I manage to get it nbsp 1988 1992 Manual by Mar 02 2008 Why does my atv backfire and sputter Sep 19 2008 I have a 39 03 Yamaha Kodiak atv that starts when its cold runs for nbsp . Also i have removed the air box lid. Fuel pump is fine. I bought a 1984 XV1000 a few months ago and I 39 ve been having sporatic problems with it. Jul 18 2006 to sputter and backfire as if the choke was left on. 2001 warrior sputter and backfires help 21 435 views21K views. Could it be the reverse override switch has gone bad Any other suggestions Yamaha wolverine 350 bogs and backfires past 3 4 throttle I just got my 05 wolverine running without the airbox installed onto the carb and it ran great with no issues at all. There are two possible things that it could be it is more than likely your gas if it has set up for any length of time it is possible that you have bad gas just drain your tank and put Feb 18 2013 I have a 1997 Yamaha Timberwolf that is having an idling issue. August 7th 2017 10 35 AM 2004 225 Yamaha 4 Stroke has backfire problems on the top two cylinders when I go above idle. In fact one should expect a well tuned high performance engine to quot pop quot and quot crackle quot when the throttle is closed at high rpm. Will rev fine in neutral but in gear or sputters and cuts out. Air filter was dirty. Sep 10 2015 Page 1 of 3 JD 425 sputters quits backfires posted in John Deere Tractor Forum Good day. The machine loads up sputters and backfires if you do. If you still have the backfire after that its most likely an exhaust leak causing it. I have read about the headlight problem and unfortunately it did not fix mine. If it quits it is hard to start sometime not firing or it will backfire. Jul 12 2010 Your backfire on decell is either from an exhaust leak or being lean on the fuel screw. So does that alone cause the backfire It ran fine before then one day while I was riding it just decelerated and started backfiring and sputtering I was able to get it home by keeping it low RPM 39 s. this will cause a backfire. I am not a mechanic but have tried spraying the carburetor with cleaner and this helped for a couple of weeks but now again at the sputtering stage. If the carburetor stops doing its job your ATV 39 s engine will either have a lean mixture not enough fuel for the air involved or a rich mixture too much fuel for the air involved. Dec 30 2009 You mentioned he lapped the valves but it sounds like the intake valve is not seating properly. It also does it sometimes when I let off the throttle. Ran it again until 40 mph. Feb 19 ATV Quad Carb Sputtering. Worst of all when it happens on your Subaru it can indicate a problem that needs professional attention. Has anyone experienced lasting issues from a tank of bad fuel Jun 19 2010 Hello everyone. keithwi Keith Maybe start by removing old fuel and filling with fresh good fuel. while the engine is running or while shutting down. Jul 25 2020 It doesn 39 t run despite having a good spark if I turn it over with a drill I get occasional backfiring it is definately backfiring as the drill jerks and slows when it goes pop. new pistons rings bearings etc. An optional charger can be purchased at any local automotive stores. If the flashing reverse light correlates with the quot sputtering quot it is the connection at the reverse rev limit switch under the airbox Trace the green wht wire back in the harness about 12 quot to the disconnectground that wireto the motor at the battery cable under the shifter Jun 11 2017 02 Big Bear 400 Hi idle amp backfires while running. I have a G14 pretty close to the same as your cart. Have him replace the intake valve and spring and Aug 09 2012 Hi all title says it all really. I would open your fuel screw to 3 turns out and leave it there unless you change the pilot jet later on. Let it sit a few minutes and it starts again Went out and finally managed to get my exhaust fitted to my downpipes using a gasket I made from a can of Macaroni Cheese Anyway tried to start my bike after it and it wouldn 39 t start it was turning over but just wouldn 39 t fire up then it sounded like it was backfiring Battery got drained so I just fully charged it and same is happening turning over but not firing up Oct 23 2017 Hello all I purchased a Yamaha G14 6 seater project and rebuilt the motor and bored it to . Aug 28 2019 My Can am Outlander 570 year 2016 engine started to die and backfire when throttle is pressed gently. I took it out the other day and it ran fine for a couple of minutes then it started to sputter and backfire out of the exhaust shooting flames out of my HMF pipe it feels like i lose a bunch of hp. Sep 18 2012 Motorcycles Snowmobiles Go Carts Motorized Bikes ATVs Electric Mobility Scooters and Golf Carts 2 Stroke engine sputters and backfires I have a 5 year old scooter with a 40cc two stroke Aug 17 2011 I have a G16a 1999 golf cart that starts sputters and dies. Yamaha recommended kicking the choke down until your RPM reads around 1000 1500. For pit bikes with smaller cc displacement engines in order for a cylinder to fire efficiently three separate components must work together the fuel delivery system carburetor the ignition coil and wires and the spark plug. It seems to do it worse when its cold. can someone please 2000 Ford F250SD 4X4 Lariat PSD 2003 Yamaha Raptor Preserved from 2004 2012. Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 vs. It will quit or start to sputter and miss. also try and drain the fule out of the float bowl condensation can build up in there causing it to run poorly Mar 02 2008 Why does my atv backfire and sputter when i try to start it I have a 2000 polaris scrambler and when i go to start it it just backfires and sputters every once in a while it will start and run just fine but as soon as you turn it off your back in the same boat as before. But what backfiring actually is is a little explosion yes I said explosion in the intake or exhaust of your ATV s engine. Adjusted the valves according to the manual. ATV AnswerMan October Questions and Answers ATV amp UTV I have a problem with my 2001 Yamaha Wolverine 350. Jan 14 2009 SO I 39 ve just learned how to carve in powder and have been trying little jumps here and there and last night after riding pretty hard i DONT know if this is the cause of my issue but i hit a little jump and landed a little hard and after about 5 or 10 minutes of that happening i got this new issue where between 4000 6000rpm maybe 500rpm more the valves were too tight so they were actually being held open and not closing all the way. If the jets in your carburetor are filthy your cart will sputter and die. I put it aside due to other projects which were two nbsp 9 Sep 2012 2003 Yamaha Raptor Preserved from 2004 2012. The sputtering got so bad I called the dealer back and they came and Jun 08 2017 Yamaha warrior sputter and backfire help I took the parking brake off my 2002 Yamaha warrior 350 to put a e brake block off on the back I took everything off of the lever except one wire and I went to go start it up and ride it a couple hours later and it started up and idle perfect I went to give it gas and it started sputtering. A large backfire is most likely caused by a bad spark plug or plug wire. Good In almost all cases whether it is a 2 cycle or 4 cycle engine golf cart backfiring is caused by the accelerator cable being out of adjustment at the throttle plate of the carburetor. New fuel filter and fresh oil and new battery and new cables. When I give it too much throttle both in neutral and when actually riding it starts spitting and sputtering. 23 Sep 2017 So what do you guys think is causing the sputtering and backfire issue 39 03 trx450fm foreman 4x4 2015 Yamaha waverunner fx cruiser ho nbsp 29 Sep 2011 My 96 350 does not rev up hit the throttle and it starts to backfire and my wolvie wont rev up sputters backfires and mist comming out of the nbsp 27 Aug 2013 It would kick over and backfire every kick or so. I returned a month later and it fired right mine backfires and the header is tight and its not to rich its just the exhaust just because the header is tight doesn not mean you don 39 t have a leak if you did not replace the exhaust crush gasket when you took off the pipe or put it on in the first place its very possible you have a leak at the head which will cause a nasty backfire Dirt Bikes amp ATV 39 s. But in time the batteries will lose their ability to hold a full charge. It will go into neutral but light does not come on and I get nothing when I push starter button. paws43 Registered. Dec 06 2018 If the solenoid has a short the result is sometimes a backfiring poor running engine. and it may only happen when its warm because the valve clearance decreases as metal expands. Never leave that choke wide open and do not touch the throttle. My problems is when I try to rev the engine it just dies. Sounds like it could be a timing issue stuck valve low compression. Backfiring during acceleration can also be caused by internal carburetor problems low compression leaks in the fuel tank lean engine conditions and weak or broken valve springs. Test run afterwards showed the symptoms persist. Buy OEM Parts for Yamaha ATV 2004 CARBURETOR Diagram . I 39 ll give a brief description of my issue. But don t worry. I live at about 4 000 feet elevation. yamaha atv sputters and backfires